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The Truth Mentorship Society (TMS) is a registered society under the kenyan constituition under the Society Act. It is a faith based society which was founded in 2015 under the leadership of Anthony Kahura Mwangi aka Mr T a renowned Gospel artist and a media personality in Kenya. In his many high school and istituition of higher learnig outreaches he conceived the desire to start a mentorship program for the youth in kenya. There was a gap among the youth due to society dynamic change and the cry among the youth to be mentored was immnese this led to the conception of the society. It started as a small forum of 15 people in 12th February 2015 at Nasico Chambers and later grew to be a big society mentoring thousand of youths in Kenya


The society has five arms namely; Big Brother Talk, Blessed To Be a Blessing, Kings and Priests, The Deborah Genaeration and The Gathering of Champions

We Cannot Be Ready For Your Crown If We Are Not Ready For Your Dipers


The society demographic is between the ages of 15-35 years where the society uses a sustainable program of mentors and mentees where mentors adopt a mentee and equip them to be mentors too. A generation reaching its own generation. The society also works hand in hand with cooperates, donors, the government and instituitions through strategic partnership in implementation of its projects. In a nation where 70% of the population is considered to be the youth, this program adds alot of value since it seeks to impact the youth socially, spiritually and psycologically in line with vision 2030.


Innovation: We are committed to support innovation, develop products and services and promote them for the benefit of the vulnerable in society especially among youth, women and other vulnerable groups.

Integrity: We conduct our operations in a transparent, honest and accountable manner.

Professionalism: We embody professionalism in how we implement internal processes; interact with our stakeholders and customers upholding the highest standards in the market.

Team work: We are dedicated to team work, collaboration and networking in achieving desired results


Raising A People Of Impact.


To equip, guide and empower the youth with skills, resources and knowledge as they transition through life so as to enable them discover their purpose and bask in their destiny.


Champion Are Made Not Born

The Gathering of Champions is an interdenimination fellowship that trains and equips the youth with spiritual guidance as they walk and navigate through life.

MISSION : Raising global generals of impact that will impart the world with kingdom principles and results

VISION: Changing The World Through The Word



Discovery Is Recovery

The Deborah Genaration is a women empowerment forum. The area of interest is enterpreneurship, capacity building in small basic business skill and worth and value addition in character moulding and positioning in purpose.


Raising women of worth and impact that are mature in faith, stable in character and functional in purpose.


Transforming Society Through Women Empowerment .


Am Blessed To Be A Blessing.

Blessed To Be a Blessing is a charity arm that acts as a bridge to connect the less fortunate in the society with resources and skills to empower them improve their livelihoods.

VISION: Affecting The World With The love of Christ Through Charity.

MISION: To empower and help the less fortunate in the society by acting as a bridge tha links them to avenues that will improve their lives and livelihoods


Men In Working Progress

Kings and Priests is an inter-denominational Christian men forum where men can talk and learn on being the biblical representation of a man. This forum seeks to build men and bring them to their full capacity by sharing their experiences. The area of interest is building men of character and integrity, Market Leaders,Priests and Prophets in their homes.


Raising kings in the market places and noble priests in the society, sober in character, upright in values and attitudes, men of integrity and honour


Raising a Complete Man


Informed Generation, Transformed People

The Big Brother Talk is an educative forum that empowers the youths in and out of school with life skills knowledge and mentorship through Peer Education Training, Leadership Training, Career Clinics, Camps and Motivation Talks.

MISION: To raise an informed generation of impact that is stable in character, mature in faith and functional in purpose.

VISION: To Transform The Youth Through Positive Information.

Our Team

Meet the people who make it happen

Truth Mentorship Society

Antony Mwangi (Mr T)


Truth Mentorship Society .

William Maina(Profesa)

Admin/Lead Big Brother Talk

Truth Mentorship Society

Peris Murigu


Truth Mentorship Society

Samuel Katiku(Starmpid)


Truth Mentorship Society

Julius Kariuki(Syntax)


Truth Mentorship Society

Samuel Wanjohi


Truth Mentorship Society

Joram N Kibigo

Resource Mobilization

Truth Mentorship Society

Rosemary Mwende

Lead Deborah Generation

Truth Mentorship Society

Sands Perps Dsa

Lead Blessed to be a Blessing

Truth Mentorship Society

Velma Wambui

Lead Blessed to be a Blessing

Truth Mentorship Society

Ken Patrick


Truth Mentorship Society

Marion Mwangi



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